Attendance on Demand: Time and Attendance Software

Workforce management in the cloud

Ease your workload and increase accountability for supervisors, managers, and employees.

Get the Job Done Right
Attendance on Demand software automates employee time and labor tracking and scheduling. It delivers business-critical, core workforce management through time clocks and browser-based portals for managers and employees.

Save Administrative Time and Effort

A range of Employee Self Service (ESS) features provide employees with convenient and secure access to their attendance and benefit information. ESS reduces the cost of managing your workforce and enables your HR staff to focus on more strategic activities. Use ESS to:

  • Reduce HR and management time spent on requests for archived time and attendance information.
  • Allow employees to review their own benefit usage and benefit balances.
  • Allow employees to request time off.
  • Eliminate the manual entry of timesheet information.
  • Allow employees to communicate with their supervisors by sending, receiving, and replying to messages.
  • Empower employees to take charge of updating their address and choosing their notification preferences.
  • Provide fast, simple, and flexible setup by allowing you to decide which features to make available to each employee.


Reduce Compliance Risks
Attendance on Demand also helps reduce the risk associated with labor law violations and penalties. It automates accurate record keeping— essential for ACA, FLSA, and FMLA regulations, as well as any collective bargaining agreements.


Don’t Just Fix Problems, Prevent Them

Attendance on Demand provides advance warning when issues need attention, so that problems are avoided—not just fixed after the fact.

  • Proactive alerts let managers know when an employee’s hours near 40, so you can adjust schedules and avoid overtime.
  • Monitor part- and full-time employee status for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If necessary, you can reassign work to avoid unintended status changes.
  • Prevent understaffing or extra overtime caused by absences. Simply initiate an automated callout to find the right replacement worker.
  • Correct and prepare time cards for payroll with minimal effort. Attendance on Demand notifies employees and supervisors of missing punches and time card approval deadlines. Closing payroll has never been easier.