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Technology Platforms

Information sharing and on-demand access to company data from anywhere is becoming the standard for business today. Unfortunately, out of the box solutions don’t provide the flexibility to grow the business and the on-site IT department is out of the question.

Peliton provides you with a scalable and customizable cloud based HRIS software application giving you options when determining how to manage your day to day processes while keeping the business connected. By centralizing information, you provide consistency to your organization regardless of locations and the number of users maximizing efficiencies and reducing costs. The system prominently displays your company’s brand.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

  1. Platform provides a wrapper around Peliton’s services and gives employers anytime/anywhere access to business critical information
  2. Serves as a self-service platform for employees
  3. Streamlines processes while reducing administrative time and effort while increasing productivity
  4. Single sign on
  5. Microsoft Based platform, increased flexibility and integration to other platforms
  6. Scalable and customizable