HR / Safety Consulting Services from Peliton

Maximizing the contribution of your most valuable asset – your employees.

At Peliton, we are eager to demonstrate our capabilities in HR/Safety Consulting and will do so by performing an HR/Safety Audit. This four-step process begins with a review of your human resources and safety policies, procedures, processes and practices. We then develop a gap analysis to identify potential exposures and variance as compared to generally accepted human resources and safety standards and practices. This is followed up with a findings report inclusive of alternative recommendations for improvement and remediation. Finally, we design new HR/safety policies, procedures and practices.

As you can see, Peliton is dedicated to helping clients maximize the value, contribution and loyalty of their most valuable asset—their employees. We do this through both our Professional Services and Online Management Tools, from the perspective that we are most familiar with—that of the employer. After all, we are employers ourselves.


Clients can turn to Peliton Professional Services to: 

  • Deal with the commonality of being an employer—administration and management of day-to-day functions.
  • Provide a comprehensive partnership, accountable for the full spectrum of your HR/Safety programs.
  • Offer time and expense based project consulting for all functional disciplines of HR/Safety disciplines.
  • Provide the training and educational programs companies need to understand the maze of HR/Safety issues, best practices, exposures and compliance.